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Car Policy

Having a suitable Car Policy is the starting point for achieving future savings. Manage your fleet with a comprehensive policy that guarantees all the services it needs.

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Business Dynamic

The search for efficiency keeps us active and in constant change for your business. If your business changes, so do we.

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"Call Center"

We are not machines, so we do not treat our clients as such. A personalized adviser will be available for you to help you with all of our services.

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Control and monitoring

Control helps us improve continuously. Having a thorough control over the fleet helps us make successful decisions quicker and more efficiently.

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Safety is one of our top priorities, therefore we want the best coverage in the insurances we manage.

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Financial and administrative management

Avoiding unwanted costs is a part of our daily work. Monitoring the fleet will prevent hidden costs and increase efficiency.

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Customer Satisfaction

We highly value our client’s opinion and we intend to keep improving day to day. Therefore, vehicle users are a fundamental piece in fleet management.

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Additional Service

We cannot understand a product, nor an excellent service, without appropriate additional services that assure our customers’ complete satisfaction. With our effort, we will earn your trust and with our work, we will keep it.

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Make mobility your winning factor

Dragintra has been the leading specialist in fleet and mobility management across Europe for over 20 years and 13 countries covered by our network.

Our philosophy is beautifully simple: successful companies put advanced fleet and mobility management at the heart of their operations. This ensures that goods get delivered on time and that employees, clients and business partners can reach their place of business quickly and easily. Because mobility is central to success.

Dragintra · Hacer más movilidad

Our Commitment

  • Efficiency

    Through constant improvement and the search for unconventional ideas.

  • Savings

    Comprehensive control and monitoring of the parameters that are a part of the day to day life of your fleet.

  • Satisfaction

    Knowing that our customers are satisfied, helps us keep doing our job daily.

TCO · Total Cost of Ownership

Total cost of ownership (TCO) is an important variable to take in to account when making an investment. For that reason, Iberofleeting carries out a detailed study on all the costs your fleet may have.

  • Analysis of mileage deviations
  • Accident patterns study
  • Fuel consumption
  • Replacement vehicle
  • Hidden costs
  • Savings niches
  • Real costs of your flee
  • Rights and obligations

Iberofleeting is designed to meet the demands of the fleet leasing management.

Regardless the size of your fleet, we offer: Rental, Leasing, and vehicle purchases, as well as any required additional services which may help the management of the fleet.

Our philosophy is based on a detailed control of the fleet. Control and efficiency permit us obtain cost savings and guarantee the shortest possible out-of-service time of the vehicle.

Constant mobility for your fleet

Personalized management and adaptation to every customer’s necessity allow us to reduce out-of-service time to a minimum. In addition, we are in constant search for options that facilitate the continuous mobility of your fleet.

Reduce your fleet costs

A deep analysis of the costs that vehicles now have, lets us find several hidden expenses which can significantly reduce the global TCO of the fleet.

Discover all ESQDO has to offer.

Find out how our online platform can help you:

  • Online reports of the status of each vehicle and control of deviations.
  • ESQDO will automatically inform you of any actions that any vehicle of your fleet may need.
  • User portal. Notifications on your Smartphone, Tablet and other devices.
  • Constant development to adapt to the market and our customers’ necessities.
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